about matt

Matt Michienzie was born in Boston, MA. As a child, he was inspired by classic country and blues artists like Johnny Cash, Stevie Ray Vaughan and The Band... later followed by his obsession with DMB, followed by the Grateful Dead, followed by an obsession with stories told through country music. "Matt is a little bit of country, bit of jam band, bit of rock, but a lot of twang, and a lot of soul" - Throughout his childhood spent in Foxboro, MA, Matt played in various bands and was even in the local orchestra as an upright bass player.


An avid fan of country music and bluegrass, Matt emulates an older sound in a modern setting. Matt and his band are based out of Los Angeles. Recently they just recorded their debut EP titled, Highway Rose, which will be coming out in May. The record was created in the highly reputable and wildly synchronized Sonic Ranch, in El Paso TX.


As for the band, Matt always has a fiddle player, bass player, and often creates a full sound with drums and electric organ. An equal blend of country and experimental folk. Matt and his band can hold down their own, even warming up the stage for the Kitchen Dwellers when they rolled through LA. Catch Matt and his band with their latest momentum. They have played shows in LA, Boston, Brooklyn, Mammoth, Nashville, New Hampshire and more!